An All Inclusive package for your trips in Europe

The temporary transit with Renault Eurodrive is an all-inclusive price with no unpleasant surprise!

Our offer ensures you the choice of a new vehicle in the range Renault / Dacia and facilitates your trips in Europe.

Are you resident outside the European Union or in the French overseas departments and territories? Do you travel in Europe between 21 days and 6 months? Try the Renault Eurodrive experience!

Renault offers a purchase/redemention option to anyone resident outside the European Union who wishes to benefit from our new, fully equipped, duty-free vehicles during your trip in Europe. 

That’s why we make available qualified people and tailor-made services in order to be able to answer your requests throughout your trip.

No supplements at the end of the travel and no over budget!

Indeed, you will pay only the duration of the vehicle's detention. Renault Eurodrive guarantees at the end of your stay a pick-up of your vehicle at a fixed price, it will be enough to return it to one of our 27 centers throughout Europe. 

Administrative procedures? Don’t take care! The Renault Eurodrive teams take care of all the procedures until the end of your trip.

Already 97% * of our customers recommend our service! Let yourself be tempted!

That's not all ! You also benefit from other advantages that make the difference:

  • Multi-risk insurance with no deductible.
  • 24/7 support is always available at +33 (0) 84095 96 97
  • Greater territorial coverage in Europe with 40 accessible countries.
  • A new vehicle for which you will be the first driver
  • Unlimited mileage to get to the end of your desires
  • A tax benefit through tax-free purchases
  • Possible delivery in 27 centers across Europe
  • A wide range of vehicles equipped in the Renault range and the youngest Dacia in Europe!
  • 15L of fuel available on delivery of your vehicle
  • No surprises: no extra charges, no security deposit, no credit card imprint, no vehicle inspection on delivery and return

Organize your stay tailored by adopting an optimal car solution! 

We welcome you aboard the Renault Eurodrive universe!

* The organization “La Voix du Client” conducted a quality survey from 01/01/2016 to 30/11/2016 with a sample of 9602 customers. 97.3% of the 2717 customers who responded to this survey were satisfied after answering the following question: "Would you recommend the Renault Eurodrive offer to your relatives (a friend / family / close relation)?