At the end of your trip

1. To return your véhicule

Do not forget to bring us back:

  • The vehicle’s registration certificate
  • Both of the vehicle’s keys or cards
  • User manual
  • SD card of the GPS
  • Safety kit
  • The European accident report

2. Want to change your drop-off centre? Here's how to do it

You must make an appointment with your centre 3 working days before the agreed pick-up date*.Contact: the drop-off centre you picked, all information can be found here. 

Three working days before the end of your contract. Remember to state the time of your drop-off. Contact : All information concerning pick-up centres can be found here.

Want to return your véhile earlier? You may be eligible for a refund for days not used, minus an excess of 10 days. You will be charged a minimum of 21 days. For this, contact your sales agent.