General information:

-          Full name: Italian Republic

-          Capital city: Rome

-          Surface area: 301 336 km2

-          Population: 60 589 445 hab.

-          Official language: Italian

-          Currency: Euro

-          National holiday: 2nd June, Republic Day

What to visit depending on the cities?

-          Rome: Coliseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain

-          Nearby: Vatican where you can see the Saint Peter’s Square, Saint Peter Basilica and Sixtine Chapel

-          Venice: Saint Marc’s Square and its basilica, Bridge of Sighs in a gondola, Murano and Burano islands

-          Florence: Duomo and its piazza, Uffizi gallery, San Miniato al Monte Basilica … very artistic

-          Pisa: Piazza deil miracoli (Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cathedral Notre-Dame of the Assumption, Baptistry Saint John of Pisa)

-          Milan: Piazza del Duomo and its cathedral, La Scala Theatre, Vittorio Emmanuel II Gallery

-          Naples: historical center, Piazza del plebiscito, National Archaeological museum

-          Capri, near Naples by ferry: Marina Grande Port, Piazzetta, Blue Grotto

-          Turin: Castello Square, Museum of cinema (Mole Antonelliana), Museum of Egyptology

-          Cinq Terre: five villages of Liguria visitable by foot, train or boat

-          Sicily, Sardinia, Tuscany, Pompei


-          In the country, especially in the south, cash is the main payment method

-          Beware of pickpocketing

-          Natural hazards: earthquakes, eruptions, high tides in Venice…

-          In the historical centers of big cities, there are restricted-traffic areas that require a special permit that include a fee. To know more about it:

-          In case of emergencies à police: 113, firefighters: 115, paramedics: 118

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