Who can benefit from it?

Customers who have a running Eurodrive contract and who wish to keep the vehicle in Metropolitan France only at the end of their contract. The redemption is therefore all taxes included. No redemption duty free. For the establishment of the registration card : you must be able to justify a residential address in France.

What will be the buying price?

You must call our after service sales at leat 21 days before the your contract ends in order to ask for this offer on + 33 (0) 76 84 99 00 and communicate them your Eurodrive contract number. Within 48 hours, we will send you the buying price (by mail or by phone). Any request for TT repurchase made after the refund will not be taken into account.

What is the procedure?

    • A Renault distributor takes care of everything! Except special case, you will not have to move to do the vehicle's expertise.
    • Depending on your preferences, we can offer you different payment facilities.
    • You will need to take out insurance that will take over as soon as the Eurodrive contract expires.

    Head over heels about your car?

    You can keep your vehicle at an attractive price with up to 40% discount (applies only for circulation in France). 


    What are the proposed purchasing solutions?

    We offer the possibility of buying a vehicle definitely. The vehicle must be totally paid and you become the full owner.

    Who can buy a vehicle with Renault Eurodrive?

    Anyone wishing to purchase a new RENAULT or DACIA vehicle through a Eurodrive agent.

    What is the delivery timetable?

    Before any order, you must consult your Eurodrive Agent for the exact delivery time of your model.

    If you want to export the vehicle from France to any foreign country or DOM-TOM: you wil benefit from a tax free purchase.

    If you want to buy a vehicle that will remain permanently in mainland France: you make a purchase in All Taxes included (TTC).

    - Two possibilities are available to you:

    A provisional registration 1 month (Export Card) at a price of 50 €. You can ride in metropolitan France with your vehicle for one month before exporting.

    If you want to export the vehicle out of France you have to organize the transport and pay the customs duties of the country of destination. Renault Eurodrive provides the customs documents necessary for the exit of the French territory.

    A provisional registration 6 months (TT 6 months) at a price of 75,50 €. You can drive in France with your vehicle for six months before exporting.

    If you want to buy a vehicle that will remain permanently in metropolitan France: you make a purchase in All Taxes Included (TTC). The vehicle will be registered in metropolitan France : price of the registration card calculated according to the department of residence and the number of tax horses to which must be added 15.00 € registration fee.

    Where is the place of delivery?

    All Renault Eurodrive delivery centers. For deliveries outside mainland France, the additional delivery charge supplement is identical to the one of TT Eurodrive deliveries. Vehicles with provisional registration of one month (Export Card) can only be delivered in Metropolitan France.